Volunteer Interview with Christi Idavoy

Christi Idavoy is the Fitness and Wellness Manager at the Polestar Physical Therapy and Pilates Center in Coral Cables, Florida. Polestar teaches rehabilitation-based Pilates in over 50 countries worldwide. Christi learned about American Bone Health from Sherri Betz, who is encouraging Pilates studios across the country to help promote the mission of American Bone Health by teaching bone safe Pilates exercises.
Even though Christi is based in Florida and American Bone Health is headquartered in California, she finds that working with us is easy! ā€œIā€™m able to get the support I need from across the country,ā€ Christi explained. This is one of her favorite things about American Bone Health. She says that the support the organization gives individuals is amazing. She said that she gets a lot of marketing support to help spread the word about her American Bone Health events.
Christi and Polestar Pilates have several events coming up. Her studio is having two guest speakers: one is an acupuncturist presenting some research from China, and the other is going to speak on energy medicine and bone health.
Christi is one of our many volunteers across the country helping to fulfill the mission of American Bone Health one community at a time. Think about joining us!