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Men and Osteoporosis

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The Faces of Osteoporosis

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Looking for ways to get involved in the fight against osteoporosis? Giving your time is one of the most valuable ways to help American Bone Health fight osteoporosis and other bone diseases.

American Bone Health offers a range of opportunities for you to get involved.

Training Notification

Length:              Training is offered 4-5 times a year. Required time per training is once a week for 5 weeks.  


Podcasts:          Podcasts and quizzes are sent at the beginning of each week. You may login and listen to the podcast at your convenience. The average podcast is 45 minutes.

Quizzes:            Quizzes are emailed to you at the same time as podcasts. Listen to the assigned podcast before moving onto the quiz. The purpose is to see if you understand the basic concepts covered.

Discussions:      We will review any questions or concerns about the materials in a series of conference calls throughout the training before moving to next set of podcasts. The calls are 60 minutes.

Coach call:        The volunteer director will conduct a coach call to discuss your next steps. The call will last 90 minutes.

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Kathleen talks about the importance of volunteers

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How the training program works: 1-2-3

  1. 8 hours of training
  2. Group coaching sessions
  3. Complete 2 events
  • Health fair information table
  • FORE Fracture Risk Screening
  • Community Talk
  • All About Bones
  • Bone-safe yoga event
  • Bone-safe Pilates event
  • Athletic Energy Deficit Prevention Talk

= American Bone Health Representative

Community programs provided by volunteers:

Health fairs

Our volunteers do a number of screenings to assess bone health: fracture risk screening, posture evaluation, shoe evaluation, calcium and vitamin D assessment.

Community talks

Trained as community speakers, our volunteers can speak to groups about osteoporosis diagnosis, treatment and prevention. Presentations can be tailored to older adults, health professionals and youth. Talks are offered in a variety of settings.

Bone Health Lecture Series

Our volunteers can identify local experts to speak in depth on bone health topics from nutrition and physical activity to diagnostics and treatment.

How we support you (as you support your community)

  • The Osteoporosis Book
  • Annotated presentation slides
  • Experienced coaches
  • Regional teams
  • Publicity for your events
  • Quarterly all-volunteer calls
  • Bi-monthly expert calls

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