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Men and Osteoporosis

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The Faces of Osteoporosis

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Yoga - Do It Right! Prevent Fractures!

Yoga - Do It Right! Prevent Fractures!

The New York Times article How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body caused quite a stir among health minded yogis. Even San Francisco's KQED featured How Can Yoga Be Bad for You? with professionals including a member of our Professional Education Committee, Dr. Moshe Lewis.

While yoga can be an incredibly helpful practice for both mind and body, people with osteoporosis or low bone density must take special care to avoid potentially dangerous asanas or poses. Avoid postures with a rounded back (forward fold, shoulder stand) and only twist gently with an enlongated spine. Avoid pigeon pose because of unnecessary stress on the hip bone.

There are great ways to modify postures for the same health benefits. Don't stop doing yoga, just be mindful and do it right!

Check out our American Bone Health Yoga Sequence and Do It Right! And Prevent Fractures! to learn how to modify postures for a safe practice.